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Lambeth is one of London’s lengthiest boroughs, being home to various communities and micro-cultures. Lambeth is a district along the river with Lambeth Palace as a renowned landmark. If you wish to visit the 13th-century chapel, getting a taxi from London to Lambeth might save you costs and travel time. Explore the features of our convenient taxi services and unlock your voyage now! 

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Travel to and from London and Lambeth with ultimate safety and comfort. You can book a ride through email, phone, or live chat. Our customer care team is always available to answer your queries.

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We offer budget-friendly options of up to 30% of that of regular cabs from London to and from Lambeth. Our taxi drivers employ a mileage-based approach to ensure the most affordable prices. By using our minicab service, you may now redefine what it means to travel affordably.

Airport Transfers

We cover major airports, providing pickups and drop-offs, distances of miles from London, Lambeth, and other towns like Birmingham, Glasgow, Luton, Stansted, Gatwick, Heathrow, Cambridge, and the rest of England. Cover a smooth journey with our taxis from Lambeth to London!

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Our round-the-clock customer support is dedicated to tracking your flight timings, guaranteeing punctual and responsive service. In case you face any trouble with booking a ride or vehicle or any technicalities, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team through call, email, or live chat.

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We maintain a fleet of well-kept cars, together with knowledgeable cab drivers who make sure you arrive at your location with ease. Discover the distinctive qualities of GB Airport Transfer while travelling to and from Lambeth. Choose from a variety of our London taxis and vehicles, including Saloons, Estates, Multi-Purpose marvels, and spacious Minivans, ready for solo explorations or group adventures.

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Cheap Taxis From london to LambethSaloonMPVMinivan(8 Seater)
London Chelsea To Lambeth taxi£7.208£8.056£9.54
London Chelsea Station To Lambeth taxi£7.208£8.056£9.54
London Chelsea Hotel To Lambeth taxi£7.208£8.056£9.54


Cheap Taxis From London Kingscross to LambethSaloonMPVMinivan(8 Seater)
London Kingscross To Lambeth taxi£6.996£8.268£9.752
London Kingscross Station To Lambeth taxi£6.996£8.268£9.752
London Kingscross Hotel To Lambeth taxi£6.996£8.268£9.752


Cheap Taxis From London Westminster to LambethSaloonMPVMinivan(8 Seater)
London Westminster To Lambeth taxi£8.268£9.116£10.176
London Westminster Station To Lambeth taxi£8.268£9.116£10.176
London Westminster Hotel To Lambeth taxi£8.268£9.116£10.176


Cheap Taxis From London Waterloo to LambethSaloonMPVMinivan(8 Seater)
London Waterloo To Lambeth taxi£7.844£8.48£9.752
London Waterloo Station To Lambeth taxi£7.844£8.48£9.752
London Waterloo Hotel To Lambeth taxi£7.844£8.48£9.752


Lambeth Taxis To londonSaloonMPVMinivan(8 Seater)
Lambeth to London£6.36£7.42£8.904
Lambeth To London Station£6.36£7.42£8.904
Lambeth To London Hotel£6.36£7.42£8.904


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An estimated cost for this journey is £6.36.

Expect an estimated distance of 4.24 miles by road.

Reach out to us by phone or website, send us an email, or use the live chat feature on our website.

Pre-booking is not necessary, but it comes with numerous advantages, including avoiding inconvenience, economical rides, and skipping the wait.

With various advantages, private taxis come with privacy, quick arrival times, door-to-door service, and customized meet and greetings.