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Located in Surrey, England, Leatherhead lies on the right bank of the River Mole and is on the outskirts of the urban area of London. It falls under the Mole Valley local district. Historical records trace back to Anglo-Saxon England, showcasing the town’s rich heritage. Unlock what getting a taxi from London to Leatherhead looks like when you’re off to discover this historic town.

Cheap Taxi Services from London to Leatherhead

Save up to 30% of the amount while travelling to and from London to and from Leatherhead compared to traditional black taxis, making your rides super economical.

London to Leatherhead Airport Taxi

With a complimentary waiting time of up to 45 minutes, you can free yourself from airport formalities. Travel across Luton, Stansted, Gatwick, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Heathrow, Cambridge, and other towns of the UK. Moreover, you can easily book an airport taxi from Leatherhead to London without a rush.

24/7 Customer Support

Our operators monitor flight delays to make sure that the driver arrives on time, making us accessible to you throughout the day.

Simple Reservation Process

Book a Cab Online from Anywhere in London With our user-friendly online booking system. Reserve a ride with us by making a phone call, engaging in a live chat, or sending an email.

Well-Maintained Cabs

Our extensive fleet of well-kept vehicles, coupled with experienced cab drivers, ensures you can effortlessly reach any city destination. Book the vehicle of your choice, including compact saloons, spacious estates, versatile multi-purpose vehicles, roomy armadas, and comfortable minivans for both individual and group excursions.

Cabs for E-class Customers

Experience our outstanding services that are only available to E-class customers. Along with offering top services, we also have a variety of kid seats, meet-and-greet help, and affordable rates.

Key Features of Our Services:

While reaching your destination in Leatherhead via London taxis, GB Airport Transfer offer you the following:
* Punctual chauffeur arrivals
* Safe and comfortable transportation
* Efficient luggage handling
* Affordable minicabs
* Complimentary waiting time
* Consistent excellence with 5-star ratings 


Cheap Taxis From london to LeatherheadSaloonMPVMinivan(8 Seater)
London Chelsea To Leatherhead taxi£36.312£40.584£48.06
London Chelsea Station To Leatherhead taxi£36.312£40.584£48.06
London Chelsea Hotel To Leatherhead taxi£36.312£40.584£48.06


Cheap Taxis From London Kingscross to LeatherheadSaloonMPVMinivan(8 Seater)
London Kingscross To Leatherhead taxi£35.244£41.652£49.128
London Kingscross Station To Leatherhead taxi£35.244£41.652£49.128
London Kingscross Hotel To Leatherhead taxi£35.244£41.652£49.128


Cheap Taxis From London Westminster to LeatherheadSaloonMPVMinivan(8 Seater)
London Westminster To Leatherhead taxi£41.652£45.924£51.264
London Westminster Station To Leatherhead taxi£41.652£45.924£51.264
London Westminster Hotel To Leatherhead taxi£41.652£45.924£51.264


Cheap Taxis From London Waterloo to LeatherheadSaloonMPVMinivan(8 Seater)
London Waterloo To Leatherhead taxi£39.516£42.72£49.128
London Waterloo Station To Leatherhead taxi£39.516£42.72£49.128
London Waterloo Hotel To Leatherhead taxi£39.516£42.72£49.128


Leatherhead Taxis To londonSaloonMPVMinivan(8 Seater)
Leatherhead to London£32.04£37.38£44.856
Leatherhead To London Station£32.04£37.38£44.856
Leatherhead To London Hotel£32.04£37.38£44.856


Most frequent questions and answers

The fare for a minicab journey between London and Leatherhead is £32.04.

The distance separating Leatherhead and London is 21.36 miles.

The journey from Leatherhead to London typically takes around 55 minutes.

Booking a cab is convenient; you can reach out to us via phone, book through our website, send an email, or use our user-friendly live chat service.

You can take a private taxi, rent a car, use bus or train services, or hail a local cab.

There are many benefits of getting a private cab. These include privacy, faster arrival times, door-to-door service, and personalized meet and greet. In comparison, public transportation is more cost-effective but lacks these advantages.