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Situated in the South Ribble borough, approximately six miles to the south of Preston, Leyland is best known for being the historical home of Leyland Motors. Leyland Motors is a prominent manufacturer of buses and trucks. Leyland also offers convenient transportation options, with a local train station facilitating commuting to Liverpool Lime Street, Manchester, Preston, and Blackpool. At the same time, well-established bus routes connect the town to Chorley and Preston. Discover this bustling region with ease through our taxis from London to Leyland, that too at competitive fares.

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Grab the best wallet-friendly taxi services from London to and from Leyland, where you can enjoy fares up to 30% lower than the usual cab rates.

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Our airport transfers are designed to ensure a smooth journey, starting from the airport and even providing complimentary waiting time, whether you want private transport or a regular taxi. Leave the difficulties behind and enjoy the simple, inexpensive travel options, as our taxis/minicabs from London Airport to Leyland are always at your disposal. Not only that, but you can also travel across city airports like Luton, Stansted, Gatwick, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Heathrow, Cambridge, and London.

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Your quest for an economical transportation solution to and from London to Leyland and renowned UK destinations concludes with us! Our easily accessible vehicles and minicabs offer a convenient means of transportation across the ports. Get ready for a travel experience via London taxis to Liverpool Lime Street Station that's not just affordable but also incredibly convenient. Book your ride now with GB Airport Transfer!


Cheap Taxis From london to LeylandSaloonMPVMinivan(8 Seater)
London Chelsea To Leyland taxi£385.101£430.407£509.6925
London Chelsea Station To Leyland taxi£385.101£430.407£509.6925
London Chelsea Hotel To Leyland taxi£385.101£430.407£509.6925


Cheap Taxis From London Kingscross to LeylandSaloonMPVMinivan(8 Seater)
London Kingscross To Leyland taxi£373.7745£441.7335£521.019
London Kingscross Station To Leyland taxi£373.7745£441.7335£521.019
London Kingscross Hotel To Leyland taxi£373.7745£441.7335£521.019


Cheap Taxis From London Westminster to LeylandSaloonMPVMinivan(8 Seater)
London Westminster To Leyland taxi£441.7335£487.0395£543.672
London Westminster Station To Leyland taxi£441.7335£487.0395£543.672
London Westminster Hotel To Leyland taxi£441.7335£487.0395£543.672


Cheap Taxis From London Waterloo to LeylandSaloonMPVMinivan(8 Seater)
London Waterloo To Leyland taxi£419.0805£453.06£521.019
London Waterloo Station To Leyland taxi£419.0805£453.06£521.019
London Waterloo Hotel To Leyland taxi£419.0805£453.06£521.019


Leyland Taxis To londonSaloonMPVMinivan(8 Seater)
Leyland to London£339.795£396.4275£475.713
Leyland To London Station£339.795£396.4275£475.713
Leyland To London Hotel£339.795£396.4275£475.713


Most frequent questions and answers

It will cost you£339.795 to travel to and from London and Leyland by a minicab.

Leyland and London are 226.53 miles apart.

It takes around 235 minutes to cover a ride from Leyland to London.

Book a taxi by using the contact details mentioned on our website. You can book a ride by contacting us through a phone call, sending an email, or using the live chat option.

No, pre-booking is not essential, but if you do, you can save yourself from any inconvenience, get a cab at a low price, and skip waiting for the availability of a nearby driver.